The third IP will be organized in Olympia, Peloponnese, in the International Olympic Academy premises (http://ioa.org.gr/) from 12 to 25 August 2014.

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Olympia, Greece

The Olympic Academy offers accommodation for both students and teachers.

International Olympia Academy offers state of the art premises, which function as the ideal location for a multicultural and interdisciplinary educational centre. Its unparallel infrastructure includes: a purpose-built conference centre with amphitheatres; seminars rooms; library; reading rooms; computer rooms; guestrooms. But the IOA is much more than that. It is situated just a few hundred yards from the sacred site of Ancient Olympia. Its premises are sprawled over 225 acres of beautiful green and hilly countryside. All of its buildings are functional and elegant in their simplicity, designed so as to blend with the purity and serenity of their surroundings. As such, it offers a unique educational environment that provides the basis for an intellectually multifaceted and holistic academic experience.

The Academy offers the possibility of transporting students from Athens, and are willing to offer accommodation at a reasonable rate (within the IP requirements). Students can take advantage of the library and the peaceful surrounding and teachers can also stay for a full length of the program and work on different research initiatives related to civil protection and humanitarian action.

Why Olympia?

The area, including the site itself, witnessed in 2007, a dreadful fire, that tested the capacity of the region civil protection unit to deal with a natural disaster. Lessons learnt from such an experience will be valuable for the participants. As a result of the fires, the archaeological site of Olympia, the Museum and surrounding villages, are still struggling to overcome the long term effects of disaster and this will give the students the opportunity to visit the villages, sites, areas deeply affected by the fires (2007) and the floods that followed (2011-2).