Please fill in the application form below and send it via mail to their respective coordinators.

Eligible for application are students from all selected academic partners that have already been selected by their respective responsible professors.

Criteria for the Selection of Participants

Each Partner may select 5-10 Participants on the basis of their:

- general performance in the relevant courses offered by each university (grades achieved, active participation during the courses),

- their practical experience – if any – in the field,

- their voluntary work/internship in humanitarian NGOs, experience in the field of social work etc.

- In particular, at least half of the students should already have some experience – voluntary or not – in humanitarian organisations, social work or related fields.

- Very important is also their level of knowledge of English

Do not hesitate to contact us, or one of our partners for any questions you may have, concerning your application.

Get the application form here.