Costs covered through the Erasmus LLP 

Students 90% of travelling, plus 20 euros subsistence per day for 14 days

Teachers 75% of travelling costs + 144 euros/day (incl. days of travelling and weekend days) subsistence



A small amount of self-funding by the students will be required for a full board accommodation at Olympia International Academy (140 euros per person for the 14 day Program). 

Moreover, the participants will have to buy their tickets and will be reimbursed when they have sent their boarding passes, plus the receipt. 



Travel costs are 90% reimbursable. 10% self funding is required

We have a budget of up to 360 euros for the traveling costs of students coming from our Partners outside Greece.

You will have to buy your tickets and the IP will reimburse you once we have received your boarding passes (NO E-CHECKIN PLEASE).

We will need Full name, Passport, and your bank details, as well as the actual cost of your tickets.

Upon your arrival in Athens, you need to buy a ticket and take the bus from Kifissos station to Olympia (further details you will see soon on the site). 

For Students in Greece, the budgeted amount is 40 euros (bus to Olympia). Please, buy your tickets and we will reimburse you accordingly.

Eventually, there will be a possibility to organize a common transport to Olympia by the International Olympic Academy Bus on the 29th of August (further details will follow on a new announcement). For this purpose, you need to organize your arrival time at Eleftherios Venizelos Airport to be on the 29th August at 14.00-15.00. 

Subsistence-Accommodation. The following arrangements have been made regarding students' subsistence costs:

As you have been informed, IP only covers a subsistence of 20 euros per day for accommodation (13 days stay in Olympia plus 1 travel day=14 x20 euros). The amount will be paid directly to International Olympic Academy by Coordinating Panteion University. 

However, self-funding of 140 euros will be required for subsistence and we would require it as a deposit paid in advance to the bank account below, by July 16th 2013 at the latest, to secure reservations.

The total amount of 140 euros contributes to a full board nutrition- 3 meals per day (breakfast, meal and dinner) in the Academy restaurant and accommodation during the IP Program (totally 14 days).

Method of payment will be arranged through International Olympic Academy Accounts by bank transfer to:




ACCOUNT HOLDER: International Olympic Academy

Number of Account: 362002002003736

IBAN GR 8701403620362002002003736


Please remember to write your Full name and  “ Panteion University”

Once you have proceeded with the payment of 140 euros to the above bank account, you have to inform us by sending us an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.