The new CIPROHA 2013

"For hours on end I gazed at Olympia’s sacred landscape–its nobility and meditative tranquility, the cheerful, welcoming valley between domesticated foothills which screen it from the fierce north wind, the scorching south wind and leave it exposed only on the western side towards the water, whence arrives the cool sea ,breeze ascending the course of the Alpheus. No other site in Greece incites a feeling of peace and concord in you so gently, so compellingly. With unerring eyes the ancients designated it as the place where all the Greek stocks would meet together in brotherhood every four years, and in so designating it they filled it with meaning and increased its tranquility and its power to instigate reconciliation"


Ν. Καζαντζάκης   

από την Ἁναφορά στον Γκρέκο῾

2nd Civil Protection and Humanitarian Action in the EU (CIPROHA 2013)

Olympia Intensive Program

29 August –11 September 2013


Summary Presentation

The Humanitarian Action and Civil Protection in the EU Course (CIPROHA) is an initiative designed to promote humanitarian action and civil protection training between students and academics of different cultural backgrounds throughout Europefunded by the Hellenic State Scholarships Foundation under the ERASMUS LLP of the European Commission, and coordinated by European Research and Training Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law of Panteion University (International and European Relations Department).It offers a combination of various disciplines, such as social and political sciences, medicine, law etc. and has as its main objective to offer to students a multidisciplinary training in order to enable them tackle effectively the current challenges of humanitarianism


The 1st CIPROHA, organized in Crete, in 2012 (visit our past webpage here) proved to be a huge success and provided a first hand experience of inter-disciplinary studies among teachers and participants. 


Based on the evaluations by both teachers and participants, new elements have been added in the Work Program and new affiliated Partners have been invited to attend (Civil Protection Unit of Peloponnese Prefecture (training on fire preparedness), and Officers from the Ministry of Culture, as well as volunteers from Medicines du Monde and Medicines sans Frontiers (experience from Haiti mission, as well as from missions all over Greece).


The second IP will be organized in Olympia, Peloponnese, in the International Olympic Academy premises (link) from 29 August to 11 September 2013.



Its target group is students in the second (MA) cycle of their studies. All students must have a good command of the English language as well as theoretical and practical – voluntary or not – involvement in humanitarian action. They have to commit to attendance to the full program from the beginning.